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09.21.2016 (488 Days Ago)

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Question for FIFA 17 Conversation System
Question for FIFA 17 Conversation System
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The demo gives a glimpse of the mode's conversation system, which revolves around giving fiery, neutral, or cool answers to questions such as during press conferences. These answers determine your overall attitude, which has a bearing on how your manager and the fans perceive Hunter.


EA Canada has previously said that not getting along with your manager could lead to reduced playing time, which makes sense. However, what if you're scoring loads of goals? How will the story handle your obvious usefulness to the squad versus the manager not liking you because you've been mouthing off in interviews?


If the mode can deftly blend the cause-and-effect nature of the conversation system to make sure your choices have consequences yet stay within the bounds of realism, that would be some very impressive slight of hand.


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